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In this article, we will delve into the recently released Telugu movie “Circle,” starring Sai Ronak, Richa Panai, Arshin Mehta, and Baba Bhaskar. Directed by Neelakanta, the film revolves around the life of a renowned photographer, Kailash, who becomes the target of a contract killer.

The movie explores three love stories intertwined with the mystery of who hired the killer to eliminate the protagonist. Unfortunately, “Circle” falls short of expectations, with its slow-paced narrative and lackluster portrayal of emotions.


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Cast and Crew:

Sai RonakDirector: Neelakanta
Richa PanaiProducers:
Arshin Mehta– M.V. Sharat Chandra
Baba Bhaskar– T. Sumalatha Annith Reddy
Naina– Venu Babu Addagada


Kailash, a renowned photographer, is targeted by a contract killer, Puttur Ganesh. Following his principle of sparing the person if a peace treaty is established between both parties, Puttur Ganesh gives Kailash a chance to save himself. The story unfolds with Kailash suspecting one of his three past girlfriends – Arundathi, Malvika, and Himani Rajput – to be behind the assassination plot. The movie unravels the mystery behind the contract killer’s true employer.


While Sai Ronak delivers a commendable performance, portraying three different looks for each love story, the movie falters in execution. The second love track is relatively more engaging, but the first and third stories are dull and uninteresting. The film’s core theme, revealed only towards the end, lacks conviction and fails to justify the slow-paced narrative. The screenplay is inconsistent, and Baba Bhaskar’s character portrayal is flawed.


The cinematography by Ranganath Gogineni is visually appealing and captures the essence of the movie.


NS Prasu’s music is satisfactory, but it does not stand out as a highlight of the film.


Is Circle worth watching?

Circle’s slow pace and underwhelming love stories make it a tedious watch.

Who are the main actors in the movie?

Sai Ronak, Richa Panai, Arshin Mehta, and Baba Bhaskar play the lead roles.

What is the release date of Circle?

Circle was released on July 07, 2023.


Circle, directed by Neelakanta, revolves around the life of Kailash, a renowned photographer targeted by a contract killer. The movie unfolds through three intertwined love stories, leaving viewers guessing who is behind the assassination plot. While Sai Ronak’s performance stands out, the film suffers from slow pacing and lackluster execution. The movie’s core theme is revealed at the end but fails to leave a lasting impact.

Audience Reviews:

Reviewer NameRatingComments
MovieLover233/5Sai Ronak’s performance was impressive, but the love stories were quite dull.
Cinephile872.5/5Circle had potential, but it lost its way with a slow-paced narrative and weak climax.
FilmBuff1012/5The movie’s mystery element was interesting, but it failed to keep me engaged throughout.


In conclusion, “Circle” fails to live up to its potential, with its slow-paced narrative and lackluster portrayal of emotions. While Sai Ronak’s performance impresses, the love stories lack depth and fail to captivate the audience. The film’s core theme is only revealed towards the end, resulting in a disappointing climax. Overall, “Circle” is a tedious watch, and viewers can explore other options for an engaging cinematic experience.

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