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Bharateeyans: A Pathetic Attempt at Stirring Patriotism

In this review, we delve into the Telugu-Hindi bilingual film “Bharateeyans,” produced by Dr. Shankar Naidu. The movie claims to be a patriotic tale that every Indian must watch.

However, as we explore the storyline, cast and crew, filming, music, and more, it becomes apparent that “Bharateeyans” falls short of delivering a meaningful patriotic message.


Bharateeyans ibomma trailer telugu movie

Cast and Crew:

Nirroze PutchaTelugu
Samaira SandhuPunjabi
Subha RanjanBhojpuri
Peden O NamgyalTripura
Sonam BarphungpaNepali
Rajeswari ChakrabortyBengali


Six individuals from different regions – Telugu, Nepali, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Tripura, and Bengali – are lured to a military farmhouse by impostors claiming to be from the Indian army. These individuals are given just one-day training and sent on a secret mission to China. Despite facing personal tragedies, they accept the task. The movie revolves around their mission and the question of whether they succeed in their endeavors.


“Bharateeyans” aims to evoke patriotism, but its execution is nothing short of a mockery of serious national issues. The lack of understanding of true patriotism is evident in various scenes, making them unintentionally funny. The characters’ readiness to undertake a national mission with just a day’s training defies logic and leaves the audience bewildered. The emotional sequences, meant to elicit emotions, only end up eliciting laughter.

The film’s portrayal of crossing borders and national missions is highly unrealistic and lacks credibility. “Bharateeyans” suffers from a lack of focus, with both halves stretched unnecessarily, testing the audience’s patience. The dialogues are poorly written and lack the intended patriotic impact. The villain’s role is underwhelming, and the portrayal of the Prime Minister’s character is equally unimpressive.


The cinematography by Jaypal Reddy stands as one of the few commendable aspects of the film. The capturing of cool visuals adds some appeal to the otherwise lackluster experience.


Satya Kashyap’s music is passable, but it fails to elevate the film’s impact significantly.


When was “Bharateeyans” released?

The movie was released on July 14, 2023.

What is the genre of “Bharateeyans”?

“Bharateeyans” falls under the patriotic genre.

Who are the main actors in the film?

The main actors in the film are Nirroze Putcha, Samaira Sandhu, Subha Ranjan, Peden O Namgyal, Sonam Barphungpa, and Rajeswari Chakraborty.


In conclusion, “Bharateeyans” is a disappointing movie that fails to do justice to the sensitive subject of patriotism. With poorly executed scenes, lack of understanding of nationalism, and amateur presentation, the film turns into a laughing stock. It is best to avoid this film and seek better cinematic experiences elsewhere.

Audience Reviews:

Reviewer NameReview
Rahul“Bharateeyans” is a complete letdown. The attempt at evoking patriotism falls flat, and the unrealistic plot and dialogues make it an excruciating watch. Not recommended at all.
PriyaI had high hopes for “Bharateeyans,” but it left me thoroughly disappointed. The lack of depth in the characters and the weak execution of the storyline ruined the overall experience. Save yourself the trouble and skip this one.
RajeshAs a fan of patriotic films, “Bharateeyans” was a massive disappointment. The film’s unintentional humor and lack of coherence in the plot made it an unbearable watch. I regret spending my time on this film.

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