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“Unstoppable,” a comedy film starring VJ Sunny and comedian Sapthagiri, hit theaters with high expectations. However, the movie fails to deliver the laughs it promises and ends up being a forgettable experience for the audience. Let’s delve into the details of this lackluster comedy in this ibomma blog.


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Cast and Crew:

StarringVJ Sunny, Sapthagiri, Nakshatra, Aqsa Khan, Bittiri Satti, Pruthvi, Posani Krishna Murali, Raja Ravindra, Raghu Babu, Vikramaditya
DirectorDiamond Ratna Babu
ProducerRanjith Rao
Music DirectorBheems Ceciroleo
CinematographyVenu Muralidhar V
EditorSB Uddhav


Two friends, Kohinoor Kalyan (VJ Sunny) and Jilani Ramadas (Sapthagiri), find themselves in a fix when they lose the money saved for Jilani’s sister’s wedding in cricket betting. Seeking help from their friend Honey Babu (Shakalaka Shankar), they end up inadvertently transferring the money to a notorious don, Gnanavel Raja, also known as Kadhar (Vikram Aditya).

Desperate to get their money back, Kalyan and Ramadas track down the don but find themselves kidnapped in the process. The story follows their misadventures and how they deal with the situation.


Despite the talented cast, “Unstoppable” struggles to keep the audience entertained. VJ Sunny, fresh from his Bigg Boss Telugu-Season 5 victory, delivers an entertaining performance, but even his charisma can’t save the film from its outdated and predictable storyline. Sapthagiri, known for his comedic timing, does bring some laughs, but the film fails to create any standout comedic moments.

The supporting cast, including Posani Krishna Murali and Bithiri Satthi, does their best to add humor, but their efforts are hindered by weak characterizations. The portrayal of the villain lacks consistency, and the conflict scenes lack the intensity required to make them impactful.

The film’s music by Bheems Ceciroleo manages to add some appeal to certain scenes, but the forgettable songs dampen its overall impact. Cinematography by Venu Muralidhar V and editing by SB Uddhav are passable but do little to enhance the film’s comedy.


The film’s direction by Diamond Ratna Babu is adequate but lacks the finesse needed to create a laugh riot. The storytelling falls short of expectations, failing to generate genuine humor that the audience can connect with.


Bheems Ceciroleo’s music adds some charm to certain scenes, but the songs fail to leave a lasting impression.


In conclusion, “Unstoppable” attempts to be a comedy film but stumbles on its way with its outdated storyline and weak screenplay. Despite the best efforts of VJ Sunny and Sapthagiri, the film lacks memorable moments and fails to keep the audience engaged throughout its runtime.

Audience Reviews:

ReviewerRating (out of 5)Comments
Sarah Johnson2.5“Unstoppable” had its moments, but the overall execution fell short of my expectations.
Rahul Sharma1.5The film lacked originality and struggled to create a comedic impact. Disappointing overall.
Maya Kapoor2I expected more laughs from a film featuring talented comedians, but “Unstoppable” fell flat for me.
Rajesh Verma3Despite its flaws, the performances by VJ Sunny and Sapthagiri were the saving grace of the film.
Alisha Singh2The movie had its funny moments, but the weak plot and lack of a strong narrative pulled it down.

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