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In the small movie “Love You Ram,” produced and written by director Dasaradh, viewers are taken on a journey of love, selfishness, and transformation. Starring Rohit Behal and Aparna Janardanan in lead roles, the film attempts to weave a tale of love and change, but unfortunately falls short due to its weak storyline and slow-paced screenplay.

Let’s delve into the review of “Love You Ram” to understand its strengths and shortcomings.


“Love You Ram” is a Telugu film that revolves around Ram, a selfish businessman based in Oslo, Norway, who seeks to marry someone obedient to resolve a business problem. The film portrays the journey of Divya, a middle-class woman working at the Red Cross in Khammam, after she learns the truth behind her marriage to Ram. Directed by DY Chowdary, the film aims to explore themes of love, transformation, and self-discovery.


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Cast and Crew:

Rohit BehalDirector – DY Chowdary
Aparna JanardananProducers – DY Chowdary and Dasaradh
DasaradhMusic Directors – K Vedaa
BenejiCinematographer – Saai Santosh
Prashant SharmaEditor – SB Uddhav
Sri Meer
Pradeep Kondiparti


Ram, a selfish businessman from Oslo, decides to marry Divya, a middle-class woman from Khammam, to solve a business problem. However, Divya soon discovers the real intentions behind their marriage. The story follows her journey as she decides whether to break up with Ram or try to change him. Meanwhile, Ram is faced with a critical issue in his business. The film unravels the emotional and transformational aspects of their relationship and business challenges.


“Love You Ram” boasts commendable performances from its lead actors, especially Rohit Behal as the selfish protagonist Ram. He successfully portrays a character that evokes dislike from the audience. Aparna Janardanan’s portrayal of Divya is graceful and composed, adding depth to her character.

The film is buoyed by Dasaradh’s surprising acting skills, who also plays a key role, providing comic relief with his actions and expressions. However, the weak storyline and sluggish screenplay hamper the film’s overall impact.

The second half of the film lacks emotional depth, and the inclusion of unnecessary comedy scenes creates an inconsistent tone. The movie loses its grip on the audience’s engagement, leading to moments of boredom. The lack of impactful emotional scenes between Divya, her family, and Ram further weakens the narrative.


The cinematography by Saai Santosh is visually pleasing, capturing picturesque visuals. The film features a couple of enjoyable songs that add to the emotional impact and provide relief from the slow pace.


The film’s music, composed by K Vedaa, stands out as a saving grace, with a couple of songs leaving an impact on the audience.


“Love You Ram” follows the story of Ram, a selfish businessman, and Divya, a middle-class woman, whose paths intertwine due to a marriage that is driven by selfish motives. The film delves into themes of love, transformation, and self-discovery as Divya faces the truth behind their marriage and decides on her next course of action. The movie also explores Ram’s business challenges and how it impacts his life and relationship with Divya.

Audience Reviews:

Avinash123“Love You Ram” is a lackluster film with an outdated storyline and sluggish screenplay. Despite commendable performances by the lead actors, the film fails to impress.
MovieBuff27Rohit Behal shines as the selfish protagonist, but the weak writing and inconsistent tone make “Love You Ram” an underwhelming experience. The film has moments of engagement, but overall, it lacks the emotional depth needed to leave a lasting impact.
FilmCritic_21“Love You Ram” starts with potential but loses its way with a slow-paced second half and unnecessary comedy scenes. The film could have been much better with a stronger screenplay and more impactful emotional moments.


“Love You Ram” struggles to create an engaging and impactful love drama. While the lead actors deliver commendable performances, the film’s weak storyline and sluggish screenplay hamper its overall impact. The lack of emotional depth and inconsistency in tone prevent “Love You Ram” from leaving a lasting impression on the audience. Despite its potential, the film falls short and ends up being an underwhelming experience.

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