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Sivakarthikeyan’s much-anticipated movie “Mahaveerudu” has hit the screens, creating a decent buzz before its release. Directed by Madonne Ashwin, the film presents a simple story with an intriguing twist that adds an illusionary element to the protagonist. In this review, we will explore the plus points, drawbacks, and technical aspects of “Mahaveerudu” to see if it lives up to the expectations.


Before delving into the review, let’s take a look at the trailer of “Mahaveerudu”:

Mahaveerudu Telugu Movie ibomma trailer

Cast and Crew:

Here’s the talented cast and crew behind “Mahaveerudu”:

Directed byMadonne Ashwin
Produced byArun Viswa
StarringSivakarthikeyan, Aditi Shankar, Saritha, Mysskin, Sunil, Yogi Babu
Music DirectorBharath Sankar
CinematographerVidhu Ayyanna
EditorPhilomin Raj


The plot of “Mahaveerudu” revolves around the life of Satya (Sivakarthikeyan), a cartoonist working for a newspaper, who resides in a slum with his family. The government provides apartments for the slum dwellers, but unfortunately, the quality of these apartments is subpar.

Satya faces a challenging situation at his workplace, leading to the loss of his job. Feeling dejected and hopeless, he attempts to take his own life. However, fate has other plans, and he is miraculously saved from his suicide attempt.

After the incident, something extraordinary happens to Satya – he starts hearing an inner voice that seems to predict the future. This newfound ability becomes a pivotal part of the story, adding an intriguing and illusionary element to the narrative.

As the plot progresses, Satya becomes entangled in a conflict with Minister Jayasurya, played by Mysskin. The reasons for their confrontation and the ensuing events form the crux of the movie.

Amidst this mysterious and dramatic journey, “Mahaveerudu” delves into whether Satya can unravel the source of the inner voice he hears. Furthermore, the film explores how he handles the issues arising from his encounter with the powerful Minister.

Throughout the film, “Mahaveerudu” blends comedy and action, with Sivakarthikeyan delivering an impressive performance as the timid yet resourceful Satya. The movie aims to entertain the audience with humor, while also engaging them in the thrilling plotline as Satya faces challenges and discovers the mysteries surrounding him.

Overall, “Mahaveerudu” promises a unique and engaging experience, as it combines elements of comedy, action, and an intriguing storyline centered around a protagonist with a remarkable ability to hear the future.


“Mahaveerudu” presents a simple yet intriguing storyline by incorporating an illusionary element to the protagonist. Director Madonne Ashwin executes the initial part of the story strongly, adding an air of intrigue to the plot. Sivakarthikeyan’s performance as a timid individual in the film is impressive. His ability to bring humor to serious situations through his actions is commendable.

Yogi Babu’s impeccable comedic timing and hilarious scenes with Sivakarthikeyan contribute significantly to the movie’s entertainment value. Mysskin shines in a well-executed role, and the rest of the cast, including Sarita, bring their respective characters to life effectively.


While “Mahaveerudu” starts off strongly with impressive narration, the second half tends to drag, losing its captivation. Despite incorporating comedy and action, the narrative fails to sustain viewers’ interest throughout the film. The director could have considered a shorter runtime and removed unnecessary scenes, ultimately making the film more engaging.

Aditi Shankar’s role is limited, with minimal appearances in the second half, leaving her character underdeveloped. Sunil’s character could have been explored further to add depth to the storyline. The songs are forgettable, and the musical score is average.

Technical Aspects:

Madonne Ashwin’s writing and direction are fine, but a more compelling screenplay in the second half could have elevated the film’s overall impact. The cinematography and music are average, while the dubbing is well done. The editor could have trimmed some laggy scenes to maintain a smoother flow. The production values are satisfactory.


In conclusion, “Mahaveerudu” is an action comedy film that clicks to an extent. Sivakarthikeyan’s impressive performance and the decent comedy in the first half are the film’s positive aspects. However, the pale narration in the second half leads to moments of boredom. If you’re comfortable with a slower pace and intermittent comedy, “Mahaveerudu” might be a suitable option for your weekend movie watch.

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