Download “Onty Bunty Love Story” Kannada

Onty Bunty Love Story, a kaleidoscope of romance, is set to grace the silver screen on 5th January 2024. This Kannada love saga, spanning a runtime of 154 minutes and carrying a U/A certification, promises to be a cinematic treat.

Directed by the talented Yatish Pannasamudra, the movie boasts a cast led by Vaibhav Vardha, Shwetha Bhat Karwar, and Shruthi Chandrashekhar. The supporting ensemble includes the likes of Raghavendra Hebri, Raju Sirigere, Abhishek Narayan Shetty, Sriparna Shetty, and more.

The story unfolds under Yatish Pannasamudra’s creative vision, promising a narrative that blends emotion, drama, and, of course, love. As the camera captures the moments, the music, orchestrated by Shrihari Shastry, provides the soul-stirring backdrop.

Shivaraj Rathod’s lens paints the frames with visual poetry, bringing the romance to life. The movie is a creation of Yatish Pannasamudra, both in the director’s chair and as the producer.

As the anticipation builds, Onty Bunty Love Story is poised to be a heartfelt journey for the audience. The chemistry of the cast, the soulful music, and the director’s vision all come together to create a symphony of emotions.

The love story is not just a tale of Onty and Bunty; it’s an exploration of the intricacies of romance, beautifully woven into 154 minutes of cinematic magic. Get ready to immerse yourself in this love-filled odyssey that’s set to unfold on the big screen.

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