Chiranjeevi’s Review of ‘Dasara’

Nani’s latest release ‘Dasara’ has been receiving positive reviews from audiences and critics alike since its release. Nonetheless, Megastar Chiranjeevi’s Twitter review of the film has gained attention.

Chiranjeevi appreciated the movie for having an interesting plot and applauded Nani for his outstanding performance in his review. In addition, he praised the entire team for their work in making such a high-quality film. After Chiranjeevi’s recommendation, the movie is anticipated to keep doing well at the box office.

Bhola Shankar

Chiranjeevi, who is now shooting on “Bhola Shankar,” has always backed films based on true stories and routinely expresses his thoughts on them on his social media. His praise for “Dasara” has now increased the excitement surrounding the movie and is probably going to draw more people to the theaters.

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