“Bigg Boss 7 Tamil” – Legendary Actor Returns as Host

“Bigg Boss,” a show that has captured the fascination of many since its inception, is gearing up for its seventh season in Tamil. With a massive fan following, the show has established itself as a cultural phenomenon.

In the Telugu version, the reins of hosting the seventh season will be taken over by the esteemed Akkineni Nagarjuna, set to commence in the first week of September. Simultaneously, the Tamil counterpart is also poised to kick off around the same period.

Kamal Hassan

Adding an extra layer of excitement, the legendary Kamal Hassan will make a grand return as the host of the Tamil version. Previous speculations had hinted at Kamal’s possible absence from the show, with names like Suriya being thrown into the mix as potential hosts.

However, a recent promotional release has unequivocally confirmed Kamal Haasan’s pivotal role as the host for the seventh season of the Tamil edition. While the identities of the contestants are shrouded in secrecy for now, avid viewers can anticipate further details to unravel shortly.

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