“The Kerala Story”: Download, Review, Cast & More

Delve into “The Kerala Story”, a controversial Hindi drama that has set the cinematic world abuzz. Explore its unique storyline, unforgettable performances, critical reviews, filming process, and much more. Join us as we uncover the complexities and controversies surrounding this much-talked-about film.

Experience “The Kerala Story”: From the Lens of Sudipto Sen

“The Kerala Story”, a Hindi drama directed by Sudipto Sen, has stirred quite a debate among audiences and critics alike since its release date in 2023. The movie, entrenched in controversy and spotlight, explores provocative themes like religious radicalization and human trafficking. With the notorious 7movierulz iBomma 2023 movies collection, the film is now accessible for digital viewing.


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Cast and Crew

Directed by Sudipto Sen, the film features a talented ensemble cast including Adah Sharma, Yogita Bihani, Sonia Balani, Siddhi Idnani, Pranav Misshra, and others. Produced by Vipul Amrutlal Shah, “The Kerala Story” was penned by Suryapal Singh, Sudipto Sen, and Vipul Amrutlal Shah, with a runtime of 2h 18m.


“The Kerala Story” follows the journey of three nursing students in Kerala who fall prey to an extremist group’s indoctrination, leading them to question their faith and eventually, join the Islamic State.


Despite Adah Sharma’s compelling performance as Shalini, critics have accused the movie of oversimplifying complex themes and exploiting emotions. Although the film discusses serious issues that merit attention, the consensus among critics is that its narrative treatment lacks subtlety and depth, straying more towards political influence.


Information on filming specifics isn’t publicly available as of the time of writing.


The film’s music details have yet to be disclosed.

The Kerala Story Movie OTT Platform (Digital Rights)

“The Kerala Story” movie digital rights were sold to the popular OTT platform iBomma. It is now available for streaming and download on this platform.


  1. Where can I download “The Kerala Story” movie?

    “The Kerala Story” can be downloaded from iBomma, where it’s officially available for streaming.

  2. When was “The Kerala Story” movie released?

    “The Kerala Story” was released on 5 May 2023.

  3. Is “The Kerala Story” a hit or a flop?

    The film has sparked controversy and received mixed reviews, making its success subjective.

  4. What’s the rating of “The Kerala Story” movie?

    The movie’s rating varies among critics, with some giving it low scores due to its handling of sensitive themes.

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“The Kerala Story” uncovers the story of three young nursing students led astray by an extremist group. The film, filled with controversy and mixed reviews, presents a narrative that delves into topics like religious radicalization and human trafficking. Despite criticisms, “The Kerala Story” undeniably sparks conversations about these pertinent issues.

In conclusion, “The Kerala Story” provides a different take on serious and sensitive issues that divideopinions. Whether you find it compelling or controversial, it’s certainly worth a watch.

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