Tamil November Upcoming Movies 2024

November 2024 holds a promising lineup of Tamil movies, offering a diverse range of genres to cater to every moviegoer’s taste. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in store for the penultimate month of the year:

1. Arasu Vidumurai

  • Release Date: 02 Nov 2024
  • Cast: Rajesh, Swathi

Kicking off the month is “Arasu Vidumurai,” featuring Rajesh and Swathi in pivotal roles. Expect an engaging storyline that delves into societal dynamics.

2. Mudhal Thagaval Arikkai

  • Release Date: 07 Nov 2024
  • Cast: Rayan, Kalpana

“Mudhal Thagaval Arikkai” brings a compelling narrative to the screen, starring Rayan and Kalpana. This film promises to be an informative and thought-provoking experience.

3. Arjunan Kadhali

  • Release Date: 11 Nov 2024
  • Cast: Jai, Poorna

Jai and Poorna join forces in the romantic drama “Arjunan Kadhali.” Get ready for a tale of love, passion, and the complexities that accompany relationships.

4. Garuda

  • Release Date: Nov 2024
  • Cast: Vikram, Kajal Aggarwal

Vikram and Kajal Aggarwal take flight in the action-packed thriller “Garuda.” This film promises high-octane sequences and a gripping storyline.

5. Sathuranga Vettai 2

  • Release Date: Nov 2024
  • Cast: Arvind Swamy, Trisha Krishnan

The chessboard of deception unfolds in “Sathuranga Vettai 2,” featuring Arvind Swamy and Trisha Krishnan. Brace yourself for a game of wit and strategy.

6. 4G

  • Release Date: Nov 2024
  • Cast: G V Prakash Kumar, Sathish

“G V Prakash Kumar and Sathish team up in the comedy-drama “4G.” Expect laughter, fun, and a generous dose of entertainment in this light-hearted film.

7. Thalaivar 171

  • Release Date: Nov 2024
  • Cast: Rajinikanth

Rajinikanth returns to the big screen with “Thalaivar 171,” a highly anticipated film that marks the superstar’s next cinematic venture. Details about the plot are eagerly awaited.

8. Maareesan

  • Release Date: Nov 2024
  • Cast: Fahadh Faasil, Vadivelu

Fahadh Faasil and Vadivelu team up in the fantasy drama “Maareesan.” This film is expected to blend elements of magic and adventure, creating a visually stunning experience.

November is set to offer a cinematic feast for Tamil movie enthusiasts, ranging from romance and drama to action and fantasy. Get ready for a month filled with entertainment and storytelling excellence as these films hit the silver screen!

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