Tamil March Upcoming Movie 2024

In the dynamic landscape of Tamil cinema, the month of March 2024 is poised to unfold a captivating array of films, promising diverse genres and enthralling narratives. Let’s explore the upcoming releases set to grace the silver screen during this exciting month.

1. Dhruva Natchathiram

  • Release Date: 08 Mar 2024
  • Cast: Vikram, Ritu Varma

Kicking off March with grandeur, “Dhruva Natchathiram” takes center stage on 8th March 2024. Starring the talented Vikram and Ritu Varma, this film is poised to be a visual spectacle with a compelling storyline.

2. Varusanadu

  • Release Date: Mar 2024
  • Cast: Kumaran, Nakshatra

March continues its cinematic journey with “Varusanadu,” featuring Kumaran and Nakshatra. The release date is yet to be specified, adding an element of anticipation to this upcoming venture.

3. Dollar Desam

  • Release Date: Mar 2024
  • Cast: Muthu Gopal, Chandini Tamilarasan

“Dollar Desam” enters the scene in March 2024, boasting Muthu Gopal and Chandini Tamilarasan in key roles. The film’s premise remains a mystery, inviting audiences to unravel its narrative.

4. Kettavanu Per Edutha Nallavanda

  • Release Date: Mar 2024
  • Cast: Mahat Raghavendra, Aishwarya Dutta

Adding to the cinematic offerings of March, “Kettavanu Per Edutha Nallavanda” unfolds with Mahat Raghavendra and Aishwarya Dutta. This film could present a blend of drama and entertainment.

5. Mr. Zoo Keeper

  • Release Date: Mar 2024
  • Cast: Pugazh, Shirin Kanchwala

With a touch of humor, “Mr. Zoo Keeper” arrives in March 2024. Pugazh and Shirin Kanchwala lead the cast, promising a light-hearted yet engaging cinematic experience.

6. Sarpatta 2

  • Release Date: Mar 2024
  • Cast: Arya

The much-anticipated “Sarpatta 2” hits the screens in March 2024, featuring Arya. Following the success of its predecessor, this film is expected to offer a riveting continuation of the Sarpatta saga.

7. Kottukkaali

  • Release Date: Mar 2024
  • Cast: Soori, Anna Ben

Kottukkaali” introduces a dose of local flavor in March, starring Soori and Anna Ben. The film’s storyline and genre are yet to be unveiled, keeping the audience intrigued.

8. KH 233

  • Release Date: Mar 2024
  • Cast: Kamal Haasan

The month also witnesses the cinematic prowess of Kamal Haasan in “KH 233.” As the release date approaches, expectations rise for a film that aligns with Kamal Haasan’s versatile performances.

9. Evidence

  • Release Date: Mar 2024
  • Cast: Sasikumar, Yogi Babu

March unfolds its mysteries with “Evidence,” featuring Sasikumar and Yogi Babu. The film’s title hints at a plot laden with intrigue, sparking curiosity among cinephiles.

As Tamil cinema enthusiasts gear up for March 2024, the anticipation is palpable, with a mix of star-studded ventures, intriguing storylines, and the promise of entertainment across genres. Stay tuned for a month that is bound to leave its cinematic imprint!

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