Ram Pothineni Expresses Gratitude to Fans at Skanda Pre-release Event

Ram Pothineni and Sreeleela are gearing up to captivate audiences with their upcoming release, Skanda, directed by none other than Ram Pothineni himself. With a grand release date set for September 15, the pre-release event took place today, graced by the presence of Balakrishna as the chief guest. Amidst the celebratory ambiance, Ram Pothineni took a moment to extend his heartfelt appreciation to Balakrishna for making the event truly memorable.

Filled with enthusiasm, Ram Pothineni unveiled that an upcoming song composed by the illustrious Thaman is poised to make a tremendous impact. He eagerly announced that this song is scheduled for release by the end of August, leaving the audience excited for what’s to come. Expressing his excitement about working alongside Saiee Manjrekar, Ram Pothineni shared his pleasure in being a part of this creative journey with her.

Amid the lighthearted banter, Ram playfully poked fun at Sreeleela and her busy schedule, while also expressing his belief in her promising future. The camaraderie among the cast is evident, adding to the positive vibe of the event.

Jai Balayya

Ram Pothineni acknowledged the resounding popularity of the ‘Jai Balayya’ slogan, attributing it to Balakrishna’s charismatic presence. He enthusiastically shared that this slogan has garnered appreciation from girls, families, and mass audiences, a testament to Balakrishna’s widespread appeal.

With heartfelt humility, Ram Pothineni expressed that his unwavering fans are the pillars of his strength and motivation. He emphasized the pivotal role they play in his journey as an actor. The pre-release event, graced by Balakrishna, served as a sincere homage to the unwavering support and love of Ram Pothineni’s dedicated fan base.

Srinivaasaa Chutturi is the producer behind Skanda, a movie that promises an action-packed spectacle that is set to capture the hearts of audiences when it finally hits the big screens.

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