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Love Today” is a Telugu-language 7movierulz iBomma romantic drama that revolves around two individuals from different backgrounds who fall in love but must overcome several obstacles to be together. Directed by actor-turned-director Giri Krishna, the movie stars Chiranjeevi Sarja and Amrutha Iyengar in the lead roles.


The story of “Love Today” is set in Bengaluru, where a young, carefree boy named Chintu (Chiranjeevi Sarja) falls in love with a simple, innocent girl named Sowmya (Amrutha Iyengar). The two soon realize their feelings for each other and embark on a journey of love and hope.
However, their happiness is short-lived as their families, who come from contrasting backgrounds, disapprove of their relationship. Chintu’s father is a businessman who wants his son to take over the family business. In contrast, Sowmya’s father is a government employee who wants his daughter to marry someone with a stable job.
Despite facing opposition from their families, Chintu and Sowmya decide to fight for their love and make it work. However, fate has other plans for them, and they face several challenges that test their love and commitment to each other.
Will Chintu and Sowmya‘s love triumph over all obstacles, or will their families’ disapproval and societal norms tear them apart?


This movie boasts an excellent cast, with Chiranjeevi Sarja and Amrutha Iyengar delivering captivating performances as the lead actors. Their chemistry is heartwarming, and they do a fantastic job of portraying the struggles of modern relationships. Supporting actors Rachana Inder and Dattanna also add depth and complexity to the movie.

The Story and the Script:

The overall story of “Love Today” is straightforward but still interesting, with a heavy focus on the transformative potential of love and optimism. The screenplay is well-written, and every scene contributes something to the overall narrative while also maintaining the audience’s interest throughout the film.


The film’s director, Giri Krishna, does a fantastic job of bringing the narrative to life. His direction is understated, centring on capturing the couples’ inner lives as part of their journey of love and hope.


The cinematography in “Love Today” is absolutely stunning, and each individual frame adds something meaningful and beautiful to the overall story in its own special way. The audience will be in for a visual treat because the imagery is so arresting and the camerawork is so skilled; they will not want to take their eyes off of the screen.

What is the story of “Love Today”?

“Love Today” is a romantic tale of two individuals from different backgrounds who fall in love but must overcome several challenges to be together.

Who are the lead actors in the movie?

Chiranjeevi Sarja and Amrutha Iyengar are the lead actors in “Love Today,” and their chemistry and performances are a treat to watch.

What is the overall tone of the movie?

The movie’s overall tone is romantic, emotional, and heartwarming, with an underlying message of hope and optimism.

How is the cinematography of the movie?

The cinematography of “Love Today” is breathtaking, with every frame adding a sense of beauty and meaning to the story.

Is “Love Today” worth watching?

Absolutely! If you’re a fan of romantic movies, then “Love Today” is a must-watch.

What makes “Love Today” different from other romantic movies?

The movie’s portrayal of modern-day relationships, struggles, and hope sets it apart from other romantic movies, making it relatable and refreshing.

Can the movie be watched with family?

Yes, “Love Today” is a family-friendly movie, and you can enjoy it with your loved ones.

What is the message of the movie?

The movie’s underlying message is that love can conquer all, and it’s worth fighting for.

Is “Love Today” a tearjerker?

Yes, be prepared to shed a few happy tears during the movie’s emotional scenes. It’s a romantic escape into a world of love and hope that will leave you feeling uplifted and inspired.

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