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“Krishna Gadu Ante Oka Range” recently hit the screens with the promise of delivering a compelling rural drama. Directed by Rajesh Dondapati, the film stars Rishwi and Vismaya in lead roles. While the movie aimed to capture the essence of rural life and aspirations, it falls short of expectations. In this review, we delve into the various aspects of the film to understand why it failed to resonate with audiences.

Trailer and Film Overview:

Before delving into the details, let’s take a quick look at the film’s trailer to get an overview of what “Krishna Gadu Ante Oka Range” has to offer.

Krishna Gadu Ante Oka Range ibomma trailer

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“Krishna Gadu Ante Oka Range” revolves around the life of Krishna (Rishwi), who is driven by the goal of building a house, a dream shared by his late father. His encounter with Satya (Vismaya) leads to a budding romance, but their happiness is marred by the presence of Daya (Raghu), a local troublemaker. As Krishna faces challenges to protect his love and achieve his father’s dream, the narrative takes unexpected turns.


While the film boasts promising elements, including the performances of Rishwi and Vismaya, it falls short in its execution. The lack of a compelling conflict and a clear direction hampers the plot’s progression. The film’s title, “Krishna Gadu Ante Oka Range,” hints at an intriguing premise, but the narrative fails to justify this choice. Despite moments of emotional depth, the screenplay meanders, leading to a lack of engagement and testing the audience’s patience.


Director Rajesh Dondapati’s vision of rural life is evident in the film’s visuals. Cinematographer SK Rafi captures the picturesque countryside, enhancing the authenticity of the setting. However, the film’s editing could have been tighter to maintain a consistent pace.


Sabu Varghese’s music breathes life into “Krishna Gadu Ante Oka Range.” The well-composed songs add depth to the characters and their emotions. The film’s album is a standout feature that adds value to the overall viewing experience.


Is “Krishna Gadu Ante Oka Range” a complete disappointment?

While the film has its moments, it struggles to deliver a cohesive narrative, leaving audiences wanting more.

How are the performances of Rishwi and Vismaya?

Rishwi and Vismaya deliver decent performances, but the weak script limits their ability to shine.


“Krishna Gadu Ante Oka Range” attempts to portray the aspirations and challenges of a young man striving to fulfill his father’s dream. The film intertwines romance and drama against a rural backdrop, but its lack of a strong conflict and meandering screenplay result in a disappointing viewing experience.

In conclusion, “Krishna Gadu Ante Oka Range” falls short of its potential due to a weak script and inconsistent execution. While the performances and music offer glimpses of promise, the film’s narrative fails to engage the audience effectively. As viewers, we can only hope for better storytelling and character development in future rural dramas.

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