Kannada January Released Movies 2024

Certainly! Here is a more detailed and refined list of Kannada movies released in January 2024:


  • Release Date: 26 Jan 2024
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Cast: Chikkanna, Malaika T Vasupal
  • Synopsis: “Upadhyaksha” is a laughter-packed comedy film that revolves around the humorous escapades of its characters, led by Chikkanna and Malaika T Vasupal. The movie promises a blend of wit and entertainment.

Bachelor Party

  • Release Date: 26 Jan 2024
  • Genre: Drama, Romance
  • Cast: Diganth, Yogesh
  • Synopsis: “Bachelor Party” explores the complexities of relationships and friendship against the backdrop of a bachelor party. Diganth and Yogesh deliver compelling performances in this drama-filled narrative.

Case Of Kondana

  • Release Date: 26 Jan 2024
  • Genre: Mystery, Thriller
  • Cast: Vijay Raghavendra, Bhavana
  • Synopsis: This mystery-thriller, starring Vijay Raghavendra and Bhavana, unfolds a captivating story centered around a perplexing case. The film keeps the audience on the edge of their seats with its suspenseful plot.


  • Release Date: 26 Jan 2024
  • Genre: Romantic Comedy
  • Cast: Pavan Tej, Aditi Prabhudeva
  • Synopsis: “Alexa” is a delightful romantic comedy that follows the quirky journey of its protagonists, played by Pavan Tej and Aditi Prabhudeva. The film weaves humor and romance into an engaging narrative.

Koli Esru

  • Release Date: 26 Jan 2024
  • Genre: Drama
  • Cast: Akshatha Pandavapura, Prakash P Shetty
  • Synopsis: “Koli Esru” delves into the intricacies of human relationships and societal norms. Akshatha Pandavapura and Prakash P Shetty deliver powerful performances in this thought-provoking drama.


  • Release Date: 26 Jan 2024
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama
  • Cast: Sherlyn Bhosale, Neeraj Matthew
  • Synopsis: This comedy-drama, featuring Sherlyn Bhosale and Neeraj Matthew, promises a lighthearted yet meaningful cinematic experience. The film explores the comical aspects of everyday life.

Moorane Krishnappa

  • Release Date: 26 Jan 2024
  • Genre: Family Drama
  • Cast: Sampath Maitreya, Rangayana Raghu
  • Synopsis: “Moorane Krishnappa” unfolds as a heartwarming family drama, showcasing the emotional dynamics within a family. Sampath Maitreya and Rangayana Raghu bring depth to their characters.


  • Release Date: 19 Jan 2024
  • Genre: Suspense, Drama
  • Cast: M Vignesh, Sangeetha Bhatt
  • Synopsis: “Klaantha” is a suspenseful drama featuring M Vignesh and Sangeetha Bhatt. The film takes the audience on a thrilling journey as characters navigate through unexpected twists and turns.


  • Release Date: 19 Jan 2024
  • Genre: Action, Mythological
  • Cast: Skanda, Yamuna Murthy
  • Synopsis: Rooted in mythology and action, “Barbarika” brings to life a tale of valor and heroism. Skanda and Yamuna Murthy lead the narrative with their impactful performances.


  1. Release Date: 19 Jan 2024
  2. Genre: Social Drama
  3. Cast: Rangayana Raghu, Sampath Raj
  4. Synopsis: “Rangasamudra” addresses societal issues through a compelling narrative. Rangayana Raghu and Sampath Raj deliver noteworthy performances in this socially relevant drama.

Matthe Matthe

  1. Release Date: 19 Jan 2024
  2. Genre: Romantic Comedy
  3. Cast: S Umesh, Dingri Nagaraj
  4. Synopsis: “Matthe Matthe” is a romantic comedy that brings together humor and love. S Umesh and Dingri Nagaraj add charm to the film with their delightful performances.


  1. Release Date: 19 Jan 2024
  2. Genre: Psychological Thriller
  3. Cast: Suchan Shetty, Sourabh Bhandary
  4. Synopsis: “Kadal” is a psychological thriller that explores the depths of the human mind. Suchan Shetty and Sourabh Bhandary deliver intense performances in this gripping narrative.

Onty Bunty Love Story

  1. Release Date: 05 Jan 2024
  2. Genre: Romantic Drama
  3. Cast: Yatish Pannasamudra, Shweta Bhat
  4. Synopsis: “Onty Bunty Love Story” unfolds as a poignant romantic drama, capturing the essence of love and relationships. Yatish Pannasamudra and Shweta Bhat shine in their roles.

Karwar Online

  1. Release Date: 05 Jan 2024
  2. Genre: Comedy
  3. Cast: Sushmitha Majabharatha, Jaggappa
  4. Synopsis: “Karwar Online” is a comedy that brings laughter to the forefront. Sushmitha Majabharatha and Jaggappa contribute to the film’s humor with their impeccable comic timing.

Adarsha Raitha

  1. Release Date: 05 Jan 2024
  2. Genre: Action, Drama
  3. Cast: Amarnath Reddy V, Rekha Das
  4. Synopsis: “Adarsha Raitha” is an action-packed drama that explores the challenges faced by farmers. Amarnath Reddy V and Rekha Das deliver impactful performances, shedding light on agrarian issues.

These Kannada films cater to diverse tastes, offering a mix of genres and storytelling styles for audiences to enjoy.

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