Download “Hi Nanna” Telugu Movie

Hi Nanna, a cinematic masterpiece directed by the talented Shouryuv, making his debut in the director’s chair.

Imagine the vibrant cityscape of Mumbai, where Viraj, portrayed by the magnetic Nani, frames moments with the click of his camera. Yet, his world takes a poignant turn with Mahi, his little daughter grappling with cystic fibrosis. This isn’t just a movie; it’s a journey through life’s intricate tapestry, exploring love, loss, and the unspoken promises between a father and his daughter.

As the plot unfolds, Viraj’s past emerges, revealing a timeless love story. Mrunal Thakur, stepping into the roles of Yashna and Varsha, adds a touch of enchantment to the narrative. Kiara Khanna, as Mahi, becomes the heartbeat that weaves this evocative tale together.

Shouryuv, with a stroke of brilliance, captures the essence of every emotion, every heartbeat. The soundtrack, orchestrated by Hesham Abdul Wahab, becomes the soulful melody that lingers in your thoughts. Did you know they used artificial intelligence for the background score? Cinematic innovation at its finest!

Hi Nanna didn’t just grace the silver screen; it transcended boundaries. Released on 7 December 2023, it spread its wings with dubbed versions in Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, and Hindi. The digital world embraced it too, thanks to Gemini TV and Netflix, opening the floodgates for audiences worldwide from 4 January 2024.

And what about the critics? Oh, they fell in love. Rotten Tomatoes echoes a perfect score, a testament to the film’s grip on hearts. Paul Nicodemus from The Times of India dubbed it “a must-watch for those seeking a blend of heart and soul in cinema.” Raghu Bandi of The Indian Express drew parallels with Nani’s previous masterpiece, Jersey.

In the grand finale, Hi Nanna stands as more than just a movie. It’s an emotion, a melody, a story etched in the cinematic canvas of 2023. As the credits roll, and the echoes of Mahi’s song fill the auditorium, you’re left with a tale that transcends screens – a tale of love, loss, and the undying spirit of family.

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