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HER Chapter 1, the latest investigative thriller starring Ruhani Sharma in the lead role, has hit the screens, leaving audiences curious about the murder mystery it promises to solve. Directed by Sreedhar Swaraghav and produced by RaghuSankuratri and Deepa Sankuratri, the film delves into a crime that has personal connections to its protagonist, Archana Prasad, played by Ruhani Sharma.

In this review, we will explore the plus points and drawbacks of HER Chapter 1, analyzing its performances, storyline, technical aspects, and overall impact.


Before we delve into the review, here’s a glimpse of the gripping thriller through its trailer:

her movie chapter 1 ibomma

Cast and Crew:

Let’s take a look at the talented cast and crew behind HER Chapter 1:

Directed bySreedhar Swaraghav
Produced byRaghuSankuratri, Deepa Sankuratri
StarringRuhani Sharma, Vikas Vashista, Sanjay Swaroop, Pradeep Rudra, Vinod Varma, Jeevan, Ravi Varma
Music DirectorPavan
CinematographerVishnu Besi
EditorChanakya Reddy Toorupu


HER Chapter 1 revolves around Archana Prasad, a determined investigator tasked with solving the murder of Vishal Pasupuleti and Swathi. As Archana delves into the case, she uncovers an extramarital affair between the victims and a personal connection with the murder weapon.

The film explores the twists and turns in Archana’s pursuit of the truth, leading to a shocking revelation that changes everything. Can Archana crack the case and bring the culprits to justice?


Ruhani Sharma’s performance in HER Chapter 1 stands out as the film’s highlight. Her portrayal of Archana Prasad is commendable, showcasing her versatility as an actor. Jeevan’s comedic timing adds some lighter moments, but the film struggles to maintain a consistent thrilling experience. The second half has a few engaging sequences, but they are not enough to elevate the overall impact.

While the interval block leaves the audience curious, the film fails to deliver on its promise of a gripping crime thriller. The motive behind the murders is disappointing, and the revelation lacks the desired impact. The romantic track between Ruhani Sharma and Vikas Vashista falls short of leaving a lasting emotional impression, affecting the film’s depth.


Vishnu Besi’s cinematography brings a polished look to HER Chapter 1. The action block set in the Karnataka region stands out for its well-executed visuals. The editing by Chanakya Reddy Toorupu maintains a crisp pace, making the 100-minute film an engaging watch.


Pavan’s background score complements the film, providing the necessary mood and intensity. While the soundtrack doesn’t have standout tracks, it effectively supports the narrative.

HER Chapter 1 Movie OTT Platform (Digital Rights):

As of now, the digital rights platform for HER Chapter 1 remains undisclosed. Audiences can keep an eye out for its release on popular OTT platforms like {mention relevant platforms}.


When was HER Chapter 1 released?

HER Chapter 1 hit the theaters on July 21, 2023.

Who is the lead actress in HER Chapter 1?

Ruhani Sharma plays the lead role of Archana Prasad in HER Chapter 1.

Is HER Chapter 1 part of a series?

Yes, HER Chapter 1 is the first installment, and a sequel is expected.


HER Chapter 1 embarks on a gripping investigation led by Archana Prasad, portrayed brilliantly by Ruhani Sharma. As she unravels the complex murder mystery, the film takes the audience on a thrilling ride. However, the lack of novelty in the genre and underdeveloped emotional depth affect the overall impact of the film.


HER Chapter 1 is a routine investigative thriller with commendable performances but limited excitement. While Ruhani Sharma’s portrayal shines, the film fails to deliver fresh elements to keep the audience thoroughly engaged. The promise of a sequel might intrigue some, but the first part lacks the desired hook point.

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