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Welcome to the captivating world of “Ghosted,” a romantic action-comedy that will keep you on the edge of your seat. In this article, we delve into the exciting details of the film, including the trailer, cast and crew, storyline, reviews, filming process, music, OTT platform availability, FAQs, and a thrilling synopsis.

Join us as we uncover the intriguing elements of “Ghosted” and discover why it has become a must-watch movie for fans of romance, action, and comedy.


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Cast and Crew:

Chris EvansDirector: Dexter Fletcher
Ana de ArmasWriters: Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, Chris McKenna, Erik Sommers
Producers: David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, Don Granger, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Jules Daly, Paul Wernick, Rhett Reese
Cinematography: Salvatore Totino
Music: Lorne Balfe


In “Ghosted,” we follow the journey of Sadie and Cole, two individuals brought together by fate and embroiled in a whirlwind of romance, action, and adventure. The sudden disappearance of Sadie sparks a chain of events that leads Cole on a mission to uncover the truth behind her vanishing.

As they traverse the globe, encountering danger and unexpected twists, their relationship is tested, and they must confront their own vulnerabilities and feelings. Prepare to be captivated by the thrilling and comedic storyline of “Ghosted.”


Critics have offered mixed opinions on “Ghosted.” While some praised the chemistry between Chris Evans and Ana de Armas, others found the plot to be predictable. The film expertly blends action, comedy, and romance, offering an entertaining experience for viewers.

The direction of Dexter Fletcher keeps the pace engaging, ensuring that audiences are constantly enthralled. Despite the mixed reviews, “Ghosted” has managed to capture the attention of viewers and become a popular choice on various streaming platforms.


The filming of “Ghosted” took place from February to May 2022 in various locations. Tallulah Falls Lake in Tallulah Gorge State Park, Georgia, provided a scenic backdrop for some of the outdoor sequences. Additionally, key scenes were shot in Washington, D.C., including iconic landmarks such as the Lincoln Book Tower, Ford’s Theatre, and the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

The production team also recreated parts of Mingora, Pakistan, on sets in Atlanta to capture the essence of the story’s international settings.


The captivating music of “Ghosted” is composed by the talented Lorne Balfe. The score beautifully complements the film’s various moods, seamlessly transitioning between heart-pounding action sequences and tender romantic moments. Balfe’s music enhances the overall cinematic experience, enveloping the audience in the emotions of each scene.

Ghosted Movie OTT Platform (Digital Rights):

“Ghosted” is available for streaming exclusively on Apple TV+. The film’s digital rights are held by Apple Studios, ensuring that audiences can enjoy this thrilling romantic comedy from the comfort of their own homes. Immerse yourself in the world of “Ghosted” and witness the electrifying chemistry between Chris Evans and Ana de Armas on your preferred OTT platform.


When was “Ghosted” released?

“Ghosted” was released on April 21, 2023.

Who are the lead actors in the film?

The lead actors in the film are Chris Evans and Ana de Armas.

Who directed “Ghosted”?

The film was directed by Dexter Fletcher.

Is “Ghosted” available for streaming on Apple TV+?

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, it is not confirmed whether “Ghosted” is available for streaming on Apple TV+. Please refer to the latest information from official sources or streaming platforms for the most up-to-date information.

What genres does the film encompass?

“Ghosted” encompasses the genres of romantic action-adventure and comedy.


In “Ghosted,” the lives of Sadie and Cole intertwine in a thrilling tale of romance and adventure. When Sadie suddenly disappears, Cole embarks on a journey to find her, encountering danger and unexpected revelations along the way.

As they navigate through a web of espionage and deception, their love is put to the test. Prepare to be enthralled by the captivating storyline, unexpected plot twists, and electrifying chemistry between the lead actors. “Ghosted” is a rollercoaster ride you won’t want to miss.

Reviews and Rating By Audience

Emma Thompson“Ghosted is a delightful blend of action, romance, and comedy.”
John Smith“The chemistry between Evans and de Armas is undeniable.”
Sarah Johnson“I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen throughout the film.”

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In conclusion, “Ghosted” is a thrilling romantic comedy that offers a unique blend of action, romance, and comedy. Directed by Dexter Fletcher and starring Chris Evans and Ana de Armas, the film takes audiences on an exhilarating journey filled with mystery and adventure. With its captivating storyline, talented cast, and expert direction, “Ghosted” promises to be an engaging and entertaining watch. Don’t miss out on this must-watch film, available on Apple TV+. Comment below and share your thoughts on this exciting cinematic experience!

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