Download “Thankamani” Malayalam Movie

In the heart of Kerala, a tale unfolds, etched with crime, passion, and the echoes of a real-life incident. Welcome to the world of Thankamani, an upcoming Malayalam crime thriller directed by the talented Ratheesh Reghunandan.

The film, produced by the powerhouse duo of R. B. Choudary and Raaffi Mathirra under Super Good Films and Iffaar Media, brings together an ensemble cast led by the versatile actor Dileep. It’s more than a cinematic experience; it’s a journey back to the year 1986, to the village of Thankamany.

Thankamani unfolds against the backdrop of a village dispute over a bus service, escalating into a momentous event on October 21, 1986. A clash between authorities and the people, where police batons clashed with the air, painting the village with echoes of gunfire.

In the lead role, witness Dileep as Abel Joshua Maathan, a character intertwined with the very fabric of this gripping narrative. The ensemble cast includes the talented Pranitha Subhash, Neeta Pillai, Manoj K. Jayan, Sudev Nair, Malavika Menon, Ajmal Ameer, Shine Tom Chacko, Siddique, John Vijay, Sampath Ram, Kottayam Ramesh, and Major Ravi.

Director Ratheesh Reghunandan, known for his previous work on Udal (2022), collaborates with Dileep for the first time, bringing this intense crime thriller to life. The film’s music, composed by William Francis, sets the tone for the unfolding drama, complemented by the visual prowess of cinematographer Manoj Pillai and the editing finesse of Shyam Sasidharan.

Principal photography commenced in January 2023, weaving through the landscapes of Kottayam, Erattupetta, Kanjirappally, Koottickal, Poonjar, Kuttikkanam, Peermade, and Kattappana. With a meticulous blend of action sequences choreographed by renowned directors, the team ventured into uncharted territories, capturing the essence of this compelling story.

As the frames of Thankamani come to life, it promises to be more than just a film; it’s a journey into the pulsating heart of a village marked by an incident that changed lives forever. Get ready to witness the saga of Thankamani: The Bleeding Village, where every frame tells a story etched in the annals of time.

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