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Mogalmardini Chhatrapati Tararani, an upcoming Marathi-language war drama, unfolds the epic tale of the Maratha queen Maharani Tarabai Bhosale. Directed by the debutant filmmaker Rahul Jadhav and produced by Akshay Bardapurkar and Deepa Tracy under Planet Marathi and Mantra Vision, the film promises to bring history to life on the silver screen.

Stepping into the shoes of the formidable queen, Sonalee Kulkarni takes on the titular role, supported by the talents of Aashay Kulkarni and Surabhi Hande. The narrative draws inspiration from the insightful pages of the book “Mogalmardini Maharani Tarabai,” penned by the acclaimed author and historian Dr. Jaysingrao Pawar.

Mogalmardini Chhatrapati Tararani embarks on a cinematic journey through the historical corridors, capturing the essence of Maharani Tarabai’s valor and leadership during times of war. The film is a visual ode to the strength and resilience of a queen who left an indelible mark on Maratha history.

The cinematic canvas, painted by director Rahul Jadhav, comes alive with the striking performances of the cast and the soul-stirring music crafted by Avadhoot Gupte, complemented by the background score from Dr. Ashish More.

Scheduled for a theatrical release on 22 March 2024, the film is already generating buzz, fueled by the teaser released in March 2023. The anticipation is palpable, and a new poster unveiled during the consecration ceremony of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya only added to the excitement.

Mogalmardini Chhatrapati Tararani promises to be more than just a film; it’s a cinematic voyage into the heart of Maratha history, inviting the audience to witness the grandeur and bravery of Maharani Tarabai Bhosale on the big screen.

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