Download “Kalaawati” Marathi Movie

Kalaawati is not just a film; it’s an adventure into the unexplored realms of Marathi cinema, where horror meets comedy in a thrilling concoction. Directed by Sanjay Jadhav, this upcoming Marathi-language horror comedy promises to redefine the cinematic experience.

The star-studded cast, led by the versatile Amruta Khanvilkar in the titular role, includes acclaimed names such as Sanjay Narvekar, Tejaswini Lonari, Onkar Bhojane, Harish Dudhade, and Neel Salekar. Each actor brings a unique flavor to the narrative, creating a cinematic symphony of scares and laughter.

Kalaawati unfolds in the hauntingly beautiful landscapes of London, primarily Maidenhead. The first look poster revealed on 26 February 2023, teases the mysterious essence of the film, with Amruta Khanvilkar donning a captivating look behind the curtain. The muhurta ceremony at Ajivasan Studios in Mumbai added a touch of grandeur to the film’s announcement, with renowned music composer and film director Avadhoot Gupte gracing the occasion as the chief guest.

Director Sanjay Jadhav wears the cinematographer’s hat, ensuring that every frame captures the essence of this genre-defying film. The principal photography commenced in late February 2023, with a significant portion shot in and around London, including Maidenhead. The captivating locales add an international touch to this Marathi masterpiece.

Pankaj Padghan takes charge of the musical notes, creating a haunting melody that complements the eerie tale. The fusion of horror and comedy is a unique offering to Marathi cinema enthusiasts, making Kalaawati a standout project.

As the filming journey concludes in November 2023, a new chapter in Marathi cinema is set to unfold. But that’s not the end; whispers of a sequel linger in the air. Writer Nishant Bhuse has already penned down the idea, eagerly awaiting the completion of Kalaawati before unveiling the next installment.

Get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions as Kalaawati prepares to enchant, scare, and entertain in a way that only the magic of Marathi cinema can. The stage is set, the cast is ready, and the mysterious laughter of Kalaawati echoes in the corridors of horror and comedy.

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