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“Baby,” a 2023 Telugu romantic drama directed by Sai Rajesh Neelam, unveils a heartfelt story set in the lively streets of Hyderabad.

Vaishnavi and Anand, neighbors in a bustling Hyderabad slum, discover the essence of love amidst their everyday lives. Anand, burdened by family dynamics, hesitates to embrace Vaishnavi’s affection until a moment of courage changes their relationship’s course.

The narrative unfolds through key moments:

  1. Love Blossoms: In the vibrant slum, Vaishnavi and Anand find the beauty of love, adding warmth to their worlds.
  2. College Days: Vaishnavi’s journey to a prestigious engineering college and Anand’s struggle with academic challenges shape the narrative.
  3. Twists of Fate: Deception and societal pressures test their love, creating unexpected turns that define their journey.

The notable cast includes:

  • Vaishnavi Chaitanya as Vaishnavi “Vaishu”
  • Anand Devarakonda as Anand
  • Viraj Ashwin as Viraj Ashwin, along with a supporting ensemble.

Vijay Bulganin’s soulful soundtrack complements the emotions, adding depth to the storytelling. “Baby” resonates with audiences, earning praise for its authentic portrayal of modern love.

Within ten days of its release on 14 July 2023, “Baby” grossed an estimated ₹80.01 crores worldwide, marking its success.

“Baby” is more than a film; it’s a straightforward journey through the heart of Hyderabad, where every emotion finds its place. 🍼🎬 Join the love story in Hyderabad with “Baby” – a simple yet captivating tale of modern romance!

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