Download “105 Minuttess” Telugu

Imagine a world where the clock ticks away 105 minutes of spine-chilling horror. In the heart of Telugu cinema, a tale unfolds on January 26, 2024 – “105 Minuttess.” Directed by the maestro Raju Dussa, this horror thriller is not for the faint of heart.

As the screen comes alive, you’re drawn into a realm of suspense and fear. The lead, portrayed by the talented Hansika Motwani, navigates a labyrinth of terror that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The clock is ticking, the atmosphere thick with anticipation.

The audience, gripped by the masterful storytelling, awards it an outstanding 5.0/5. A testament to the director’s prowess and the lead actor’s captivating performance. Every minute of the 2-hour cinematic journey is an immersive experience into the unknown.

105 Minuttess” – a symphony of fear conducted by Raju Dussa, starring Hansika Motwani. The horror thriller that etches its mark on your senses, leaving you haunted by its suspenseful echoes. A perfect blend of horror and suspense, the movie promises an unforgettable ride through the shadows.

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