Bichagadu Telugu Movie

“Bichagadu” is a Ibomma Telugu movie released in 2022, directed by P. Prabhakar. The movie tells the story of a wealthy businessman, Arun (Sumanth Ashwin), who gives up everything he has to save the life of a little girl, Anjali (Anisha Ambrose).

An Emotional Rollercoaster Filled with Challenges and Obstacles

Arun faces many challenges and roadblocks on his way to saving Anjali’s life. The loss of his job, the eviction of his home, and the physical assault by thugs are just a few of the obstacles he faces along the way. Despite all of this, he has never stopped fighting for Anjali’s survival.

A Powerful Message About Love, Compassion, and Determination

“Money can’t buy happiness” inspired the film’s plot. Arun has realised that money is not everything and that life is more than material possessions. The movie shows that love and compassion can move mountains, and with willpower and determination, nothing is impossible.

A Stellar Cast and Impressive Music

Sumanth Ashwin delivers a powerful performance as Arun, and Anisha Ambrose shines in the role of Anjali. The chemistry between the two actors is natural and heartwarming. The supporting cast, including Diksha Panth and others, also delivers impressive performances. The music of the movie, composed by Vijay Antony, is another highlight. The songs are soulful and melodious, and they add to the emotional depth of the movie.

A Must-Watch Emotional Drama

Overall, “Bichagadu” is an emotional rollercoaster that will leave you teary-eyed. It is a heartwarming tale of love, compassion, and sacrifice, and it reminds us that sometimes, the most valuable things in life cannot be bought with money. The movie is a must-watch for anyone who loves emotional dramas and inspiring stories of human triumph.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Ibomma Bichagadu Telugu movie:

When was Ibomma Bichagadu released?

Bichagadu was released on September 3, 2021.

Who directed Bichagadu?

The movie was directed by Jithin Roshan.

What is the story of Bichagadu?

The movie follows the story of a poor man named Babu, who becomes a wealthy businessman overnight. However, his newfound wealth attracts many enemies who try to destroy him and his family.

Who are the lead actors in Bichagadu?

Suresh Gopi and Nikki Galrani are the lead actors in Bichagadu.

What is the running time of Bichagadu?

The running time of the movie is approximately 2 hours and 13 minutes.

What language is Bichagadu in?

The movie is in the Telugu language.

Where can I watch Bichagadu online?

Bichagadu is available to watch on the popular streaming platform, Amazon Prime Video.

What is the rating of Ibomma Bichagadu?

Ibomma Bichagadu has received a rating of 3.5/5 from critics and an average rating of 3.3/5 from audiences.


Telugu drama Bichagadu follows a poor man’s rise to success. The story moves. The film’s leading actors give great performances, and viewers and critics have praised its overall quality. The above FAQs should help you understand the movie and decide if it’s worth watching.

The film’s message about love, compassion, and sacrifice can move viewers of any age. Ibomma Bichagadu is a great feel-good film that will leave you smiling and crying.

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