Avataran: A Sci-Fi Assamese Movie

Avataran is directed and produced by the visionary filmmaker Tarunabh Dutta, this Assamese-language science fiction film is a groundbreaking venture under the banner of TD Film Studio Productions.

Avataran was slated for a grand release in cinema halls across Assam on August 21, 2020. However, the relentless grip of the COVID-19 pandemic has cast a shadow over its anticipated debut, leading to a probable postponement.

The journey of Avataran began in 2012, and for over eight years, it has evolved into one of the longest-spanning films in production. Tarunabh Dutta, a true auteur, has shouldered the entire burden of production and post-production independently. Every stage of the filmmaking process, from conception to execution, has unfolded within the walls of his studio – TD Film Studio. His wife, Himakhi Dutta, stood as the main Chief Assistant and financial support flowed from his father, Dr. Nalini Kanta Dutta.

Technically groundbreaking, Avataran boasts over 80% of its scenes as 3D CGI VFX shots seamlessly interwoven with live video—a first of its kind in the northeast region on such a grand scale.

The film, a testament to Tarunabh Dutta’s dedication, features a cast of over a hundred individuals. Noteworthy talents like Pranjal Saikia, Purnima Saikia, Rimpi Das, Saurabh Hazarika, Ananya Parashar, Samir Ranjan, Govinda Malakar, Sangeeta Pachani, Vishal P. Chaliha, and child artists Reema Kaif and Devyam Seal play major roles.

Avataran unfolds against the picturesque backdrop of Guwahati City, Assam, captured through the lens of Tarunabh Dutta’s Canon 5D Mark III camera.

Film Details:

  • Directed and Produced by: Tarunabh Dutta
  • Cinematography and Editing: Tarunabh Dutta
  • Music by: Nilutpal Choudhury, Dhiraj Dutta
  • Production Company: TD Film Studio
  • Language: Assamese

While the pandemic has cast uncertainty on its release, Avataran stands as a testament to the resilience of cinematic visionaries, weaving a tale that transcends time and challenges, promising a cinematic experience like never before.

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