Dhamaka Movie: Review, Cast and Story

If you’re a movie buff, you might have heard of the latest blockbuster hit – 7movierulz Ibomma Dhamaka Movie.
Its outstanding cinematography, superb cast, and fascinating storyline have made this action-packed comedy and thriller a hit. In this following segment of our blog, we’ll cover the movie’s review, characters, story, and frequently asked questions.

Cast And Crew

The film features the industry’s best cast and crew. Trinadha Rao Nakkina, the director, has assembled a talented team of actors, with Ravi Teja, Sreeleela, Jayaram, Sachin Khedekar, Tanikella Bharani, Rao Ramesh, and Chirag Jani taking on important roles. The lead roles are played by Ravi Teja, and Sreeleela, all of whom deliver exceptional performances. The supporting cast enhances the film’s overall quality, with each actor contributing their unique style to the movie.


The plot of Dhamaka Movie revolves around Swamy and Anand (both roles played by Ravi Teja) looking the same; they are from different places and have different problems. Pranavi (Sreeleela), a young and pretty girl, falls in love with both of them when things get complicated. How did Swamy and Anand figure out what was wrong? Who did Pranavi choose in the end? Or does the story have a twist?


Dhamaka Movie is a must-watch for anyone who loves action movies. The movie has an engaging story that keeps you watching.
The music score and background score also deserve special mention.
Anand runs a company and fulfils his father’s dream of making every employee an owner. Swamy, a street-smart middle-class boy in love with Pranavi, is frivolous.
He must work to marry his sister. Ravi Teja’s energy and comic timing will excite fans and viewers.
In Dhamaka, the actor reprises his dual role from Vikramarkudu. This action-comedy is a blast. Pranavi’s elegant dance movements in her second Telugu flick, Sreeleela, captivated me. The young lady was as energetic as Ravi Teja. The stunning actress will steal hearts.
Thanks to Ravi Teja’s vintage dancing skills, Sreeleela’s agility, and beautiful sets, Bheems Ceciroleo’s music album with singles like Jinthaak and Mass Raja became a chartbuster on the big screen.
The film’s BGM increased entertainment.
The plot is lame. The film excels as a masala potboiler and mass entertainer.
The punchy and funny dialogues by Prasanna Kumar Bezawada work well, but the English dialogues could have been better.
Ravi Teja, Sreeleela, and others redeem the film with enough humour and drama. Jayaram, Sachin Khedekar, Pavitra Lokesh, Tanikella Bharani, Tulasi, Rao Ramesh, Rajshree Nair, Chirag Jani, Ali, Praveen, and Hyper Aadi did their best. Rao Ramesh and Aadi share some laughs.
The film has music by Bheems Ceciroleo, story-screenplay-dialogues by Prasanna Kumar Bezawada, cinematography by Karthik Gattamneni, editing by Prawin Pudi, art direction by Sri Nagendra Tangala, writing by Sai Krishna, stunts by Ram Laxman and Venkat, lyrics by Ramajogayya Sastry, Kasarla Shyam and Suddala Ashok Teja and choreographers Sekhar VJ, Jani Master and Yash.


Is Dhamaka Movie suitable for children?

No, the movie is unsuitable for children due to its violent content.

Who are the lead actors in the film?

The lead roles are played by Ravi Teja and Sreeleela.

What genre does the film belong to?

The film belongs to the action-thriller with comedy genre.

Is the film available on streaming platforms?

Yes, the film is available on Netflix.

Who directed the film?

The film was directed by Trinadha Rao Nakkina.

What is the runtime of the movie?

The runtime of the movie is 2 hrs 19 mins.

What is the budget of the movie?

The budget of the movie is estimated to be 350 million INR.

Where was the movie shot?

The movie was shot in Hyderabad and Spain.

Is the movie available in languages other than Telugu?

Yes, the movie is available in Hindi and Tamil.

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Dhamaka Movie is a must-watch for anyone who loves action movies. The film’s engaging storyline, impressive cast, and stunning visuals make it a complete cinematic experience. We hope this article has given you all the information about this blockbuster hit.

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